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Other projects

Being a programmer, there should be some kind of list of my various programming projects. Here it is.

The community site "Polers"
It's in Swedish, but even non-Swedish speakers might get a kick out of it. This website is a community site that I have some cool plans for.

Choose-your-own-adventure Engine "QuestBook"
This is a project I tossed together once. I even mention it in a few strips. Not only is it a choose-your-own-adventure thing, it even allows you to make your own choose-your-own-adventures. So I guess that makes it a make-your-own-choose-your-own-adventure.


"And below us at this time you can see a number of on-line comic strips read regularly by the renowned creator of Nerd Boy." Cue shutter noises.

Scary Go Round Return to Sender Zebra Girl
Shades of Grey A lesson is learned but the damage is irreversible

Now, don't go thinking Nerd Boy is the only ASCII art comic on the Internet, because it's not.

Chickenman The Funky Fuzzball Red Baron

Also, you might want to check out OnlineComics.net, an online comics search engine and directory.

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