Ah yes, every on-line comic strip needs rants, doesn't it? Every comic strip author with any self-respect always flaunts his/her opinion, giving that certain on-line comic "the edge" that hooks and reels in new readers hopping the cyberwave of tomorrow like little digital fish...

Seriously, I'm usually not one to follow trends; at least I don't like to think I am. I've always been of the somewhat childish opinion that I can't possibly like what normal people like, because people are idiots. (I should write a rant about that.) This page was just created out of necessity since I needed to keep my PvP rant somewhere. I guess I'll just use it as a weblog/diary/whatever when I feel like expressing something.


6. The Nerd Boy language
5. Nerd Boy behind the scenes
4. PBeM tips, aka "Sorry, my mistake"
3. alt.ascii-art = forum
2. Rants, PHP and "geeky" comics
1. Scott Kurtz has a time machine?

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