Scott Kurtz has a time machine?

Quite some time ago, I heard talk of a certain comic strip called PvP Online. I read some strips and thought that it was only mildly funny. It didn't catch my interest until that fateful day one sunny Tuesday in July (July 16th, 2002) when I decided to just give it a shot and start from the beginning.

I was hooked immediately. The characters had charm, and even though I still thought that the strip wasn't a hoot, I sensed a depth to them that I hadn't noticed before. So I read on, following the adventures of those quirky characters.

And then, terror struck. I had stumbled upon a strip that very much resembled one of my own. It seemed to be such a big coincidence that two people would actually make comic strips with almost exactly the same joke that I was sure people would accuse me of stealing Scott Kurtz's ideas. It wasn't very likely that people would believe my story about him using a time machine to get from the past (back when he made those strips) to the present to read my strips and copy them back in the past. So I shut up and read on.

Blammo. This strip and the following one are, like, the whole basis of the Nerd Boy saga. It's right there, one of the very first strips. I was now in total awe. How the heck do two people get this very same idea? Is the building of fem-bots simply the dream of nerds everywhere? Maybe... but I'm going to go with my time machine story. Why, you ask?

How's this for a reason? I've made a number of strips about that very subject matter.

If this isn't a blatant retroactive rip-off, then I don't know what is. Actually, I do. A girl beating her boyfriend in a computer game? That sounds really familiar.

OK, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?! I haven't read PvP Online before, I swear! So how did all my ideas get in his strip or vice versa? Someone suggested that I had found a lost twin, or something to that effect. I'm still sticking with my time machine story, because you see, consistency is key.

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