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You may have noticed by now that this website doesn't have a guestbook or a forum or anything. Well, there's a perfectly good explanation for this, and it's not that I don't want feedback, because I do. So why not make a forum, or use a free one like phpBB?

The Adventures of Nerd Boy was at first only a collection of doodles. To become a comic strip, it needed an audience. It got that audience when I started posting the strips to the Usenet group alt.ascii-art. People read the strips, and even reacted when I posted the strip that was aptly named The Demise of Nerd Boy.

Nerd Boy began his career in alt.ascii-art, and thus the website was more or less an archive for the Nerd Boy strips I posted there. For some reason still unknown to this day, Nerd Boy caught on. People started discussing it with me and with each other. They visited the website, drew fan art, suggested story lines and contributed to a guest artists' week.

I drew strips with links to some of my favourite web comics and added other links to my link page, hoping that the people that read my strip would discover and grow to like the comic strips I like. Suddenly, web comics started linking back to me and the website became more than just an archive when it attracted people from the web comic scene.

One of my goals when I started making The Adventures of Nerd Boy was to somehow unite the amazing artistry of ASCII with the on-line presence of web comics. If I could turn ASCII art people on to web comics and vice versa, then all the better!

So, to finally get to the point, it would be great if I could get more people to visit alt.ascii-art. I post the strips there; they're there for you to comment on, though the real reason to go there is of course the lots of really great ASCII art. Just get access to a Usenet server or, if you prefer the web forum style, use Google Groups. It's free, it's fun and you'll probably learn something! Unless you've already subscribed to alt.ascii-art, in which case I'll see you there.

I know, that sounded pretty corny, but hey... I'm a corny kinda guy. *aaand cue laugh track, cue theme song, roll credits - it's a rap people!*

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