Episode 329b
Graeme Porter read NB329 and decided to illustrate how Nerd Boy might be searching for a solution to the quantum phase shift problem.

Episode 498
Nerd Boy goes for a drive in this fan version of Episode 498.

Geek Grrl 1
The Adventures of Geek Grrl uses a variation on the Nerd Boy style to tell the story of a girl that seems to be just as geeky as Nerd Boy, but much much savvier and self-confident.

Geek Grrl 2
In the second episode of The Adventures of Geek Grrl, the creator of Nerd Boy wishes to register a complaint.

Geek Grrl 3
In episode 3, things seem to be going rather well for our Mexican (?!) friend.

Mandy in the pink
Here's a cool story by, say, Michael J Phox. Yeah, he started spelling it like that because he thought it was "phat". OK OK, so it's Michael J Penick. Pfft, big difference. Nitpicker.

Matrix Mandy
When demands were made for a Matrix style Nerd Boy story arc, Graeme Porter came to my rescue and provided this fine comic, which includes a foray into the world of 3D!

Starship ASCIIprise
A brilliant Star Trek spoof by Phydeaux and Andrew Carpenter. :)

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