Episodes 1-10
in which Nerd Boy builds a robot and Mandy meets a W4R3Z D00D

Episodes 11-20
in which Mandy breaks up with the W4R3Z D00D and our heroes steal wheel chairs

Episodes 21-30
in which assorted stuff happens and the robot turns evil

Episodes 31-40
in which the robot turns good and Nerd Boy becomes heady

Episodes 41-50
in which we meet giants, the hovercraft and Nerd Boy's alias

Episodes 51-60
in which Nerd Boy gets hammered, and then a job

Episodes 61-70
in which the Singularity and Nerd Boy's love life are discussed

Episodes 71-80
in which Nerd Boy plays a MMORPG and works on a chatbot

Episodes 81-90
in which Nerd Boy breaks free and covets a MMORPG

Episodes 91-100
in which HammerHead is miserable and a robot is assembled

Episodes 101-110
in which Nerd Boy meets Mandy's uncle

Episodes 111-120
in which Nerd Boy meets Linda at a party

Episodes 121-130
in which Nerd Boy meets Santa Claus

Episodes 131-140
in which Nerd Boy does stuff and Xmas is imminent

Episodes 141-150
in which Nerd Boy celebrates Xmas and meets Fan Boy

Episodes 151-160
in which Nerd Boy's 'puter malfunctions and guest week starts

Episodes 161-170
in which guest week ends and a new hero arrives

Episodes 171-180
in which Nerd Boy makes USB LEGO and LARPs

Episodes 181-190
in which Nerd Boy makes a time machine

Episodes 191-200
in which Nerd Boy hacks Cryptic and Linda returns

Episodes 201-210
in which Nerd Boy is alone

Episodes 211-220
in which Nerd Boy meets an alien

Episodes 221-230
in which Fan Boy's secret past is revealed and Nerd Boy is in a book

Episodes 231-240
in which Nerd Boy goes crazy shortly after his birthday

Episodes 241-250
in which Nerd Boy tries to take over the world

Episodes 251-260
in which Mandy mysteriously disappears

Episodes 261-270
in which Nerd Boy and co search for Mandy in space

Episodes 271-280
in which there's a rift in the space-time continuum

Episodes 281-290
in which there's philosophy and a LAN party

Episodes 291-300
in which Nerd Boy hates snow

Episodes 301-310
in which Nerd Boy throws flames and hangs with his past

Episodes 311-320
in which Warez Dood steals a girl and Mandy makes a lamp

Episodes 321-330
in which jg gets presents and Nerd Boy fneeps

Episodes 331-340
in which Nerd Boy shovels snow and takes over the universe

Episodes 341-350
in which Nerd Boy is a copy

Episodes 351-360
in which Nerd Boy is moving without travelling

Episodes 361-370
in which Nerd Boy explains programming and the Internet

Episodes 371-380
in which Fan Boy tries to fill the void

Episodes 381-390
in which the nemeses join forces

Episodes 391-400
in which Nerd Boy tries virtual reality

Episodes 401-410

Episodes 411-420

Episodes 421-430

Episodes 431-440

Episodes 441-450

Episodes 451-460

Episodes 461-470

Episodes 471-480

Episodes 481-490

Episodes 491-500

Episodes 501-510

Episodes 511-520

Episodes 521-530

Episodes 531-540

Episodes 541-550

Episodes 551-560

Episodes 561-570

Episodes 571-580

Episodes 581-590

Episodes 591-600

Episodes 601-610

Episodes 611-620

Episodes 621-630

Episodes 631-634

All the episodes in one neat little package.

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